Customer Testimonials

The satisfaction of our customers is our #1 priority. You probably already know this if you've browsed through other parts of our website. Listed below are the words of some of our current and former customers. The testimonials below are the actual unedited words of our customers. While we do sometimes ask for testimonials, to ensure unbiased and candid reviews, we do not provide any compensation for providing us a testimonial. We thank everyone that has provided us with a testimonial. If you'd like to provide one too, please contact us.

"Great service. They really go the extra mile to get the job done. I have recommended Oneida Process Service to others and will continue to do so."
J.A. (Attorney - Canastota, NY)

"Fast - efficient - dependable & affordable. Will definitely use again."
D.S. (Attorney - Earlville, NY)

"I had to serve someone who lived in the city of Utica, NY when I live in Syracuse, NY, and I had no idea where to start. When I found this company, all steps were spelled out for me in a simplistic way where I was able to use the service and supply all relevant material, without engaging in extensive travel. Also, the server went above and beyond until he found someone whom did not want to be found. I greatly appreciate all the hard work of this company, and I, highly, recommend them."
J.K. (Syracuse, NY)

"Never had to use a process server before and was kinda skeptical. I am an out of town landlord I did know what to expect. Plus it's hard to find good customer service anymore. Nick was easy to talk to, he explained everything and did exactly what he said he was going to do. Great results. Price was right on the mark also. Highly recommend."
R.R. (Landlord - Fort Meyers, FL)

"Very attentive to getting the job completed quickly. I am 3000 miles away and Nick took the burden of uncertainty that I had. He helped me solve the the problem and gave me the confidence in my position as landlord to move forward with the eviction process. Thank you."
J.L. (Landlord - Las Vegas, NV)